American Studies (AP American History and Honors English 11)

American Studies

The American Studies course is a year long, dual period class designed to synthesize the study of American history with the study of American literature. This course will be co-taught with one social studies and one English teacher. Through daily instruction, collaborative projects, and rigorous assessments, we will integrate historical and literary studies. The course will fulfill both the Advanced Placement U.S. History curriculum requirements and Honors CP English 11 curriculum requirements. Students will receive one grade, but it will be attributed to Honors CP English 11 and AP U.S. History on your report card/transcript. The class will involve collaborative and project based learning.

This in an opportunity to make better connections between American history and American literature in a challenging and fun learning environment. History will make more sense because the literature is a reflection of the period; likewise, the literature will make more sense because the historical context is often the foundation for the work.

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American Studies Curriculum

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