AP Calculus BC

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Summer assignment information - see below

Course Overview

This course is designed to prepare students for the Advanced Placement Calculus BC Exam and more importantly, for their subsequent math courses.  In  this course we give proper attention to the theorems upon which calculus is based, introducing each of the major topics (limits, derivatives, and integrals) with the appropriate proofs and definitions.  The emphasis of the course is on the understanding of concepts – the "why" behind the "how" – on the premise that when students understand the theory behind a skill or concept, they will be able to adapt their knowledge and techniques to solve problems that go beyond those which are familiar. Students will be asked to use their understanding to solve new and unique problems.  Calculus is presented as a building block for a multitude of applications in a multitude of disciplines.


Technology is a part of our modern life.  When used appropriately, graphing calculators can be powerful tools of learning; however, they cannot replace a thorough understanding of the concepts and skills behind the calculations.  In this course, attention is given to the judicious use of technology to enhance understanding – technology as a tool, not a "crutch."  Each student must have a graphing calculator, preferably a TI-Nspire or TI-Nspire CAS, but a TI 83 or 84 Plus will suffice.  Students learn to use the calculator to perform the four basic skills required for the AP Exam: Solving an equation, graphing a function in a specified window, evaluating the derivative of a function, and evaluating a definite integral.  They use the calculators as a tool to explore, to discover, and to support solutions.  From the start, we try to emphasize the use of calculators in “appropriate” situations.  And along the same lines, we learn to be aware of their limitations.

Since topics are discussed using the “rule of four – graphically, numerically, algebraically, and verbally,” calculators are often used to facilitate the graphical and numerical approaches.  Students may use the graphing calculators on some but not all assessments.

Summer Assignment

The Summer Assignment is a review of precalculus topics.  The assignment will help you review skills and concepts needed for success in AP Calculus BC.  Information and instructions are posted below in the document titled "Instructions for BC Summer Assignment 2019."  The worksheet and textbook was handed out to students before summer break.  A copy of the worksheet is posted below.

Please note, part of the summer assignment is due on June 30, and the remainder is due July 31.  These due dates were established to encourage students to not procrastinate.  The procedure for turning in the assignments by the due dates is explained in the "Instructions" document.

Who Should Take AP Calculus BC?

Students who are currently taking Honors Precalculus and have a solid A average should strongly consider taking AP Calculus BC next year.  The course is more rigorous, more challenging, and faster-paced than AP Calculus AB, since the amount of material we cover is greater.  You will be asked to make a serious commitment of time and effort for this class, however, the reward for taking BC can be great.

If you are planning to major in a math or science related field, or if your desired major requires you to take calculus in college, or if you just love math, then you should sign up for AP Calculus, either AB or BC.  It will be a math course unlike any you have taken before!  

If you have any questions about the course or your qualifications to take the course, please see your current Precalculus teacher or Mrs. Cox.

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Carole Cox,
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