AP Chinese Language

AP Chinese Summer Work

Weekly assignments will be posted on AP Chinese Google Classroom. If students are going to be on vacation for any week, students need to email me to get the assignment due date extended to the following week. AP Chinese summer work will be 5% of the first quarter grade.

AP Chinese course introduction

This course will involve advanced study and application of Chinese vocabulary and grammar. Students will utilize all four language skills in interpersonal, interpretive, presentational and cultural communications. Students will present projects and compose papers in Chinese throughout the school year. Various genres of multimedia materials will be studies, such as classic Chinese literature, poem, short stories, excerpts from novels, reports from newspapers and magazines, video broadcasts, TV commercials, movies and soap operas. Students are expected to speak Chinese at least 90% of the time. Students are required to take the AP test administered in May to receive AP credits.

In the attachments, you will find a detailed course description of AP Chinese Language and Culture and an introduction to AP Chinese exam. If you would like to look at a sample of the exam, click on the link below:


This course is open to any students who have successfully completed Chinese IV or its equivalent.
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