AP Music Theory

The Course: Advanced Placement (AP) courses are overseen by College Board (www.collegeboard.org) and are designed using college-level textbooks and resources.  AP Music Theory runs like the first year of a college music theory experience, developing both theoretical and aural skills (usually taught as two separate courses in college!). It is HIGHLY recommended that students who are planning to take AP Music Theory are currently enrolled in a performing arts class at Milford High School.  In May, AP Music Theory students take the AP Music Theory Exam; students who score well (3-5) may receive college credit for up to a year of Music Theory and/or Aural Skills. As with other AP tests, there is a fee for the AP Music Theory test.  For more information, visit the AP Music Theory Course Description on the College Board Website:



First Day Quiz: On the first day of class in August, there will be a diagnostic quiz on the topics listed on the following pages. Doing well on the quiz will require some summer studying, even if you have prior music theory knowledge. Don’t be afraid of it – it’s an efficient way to check everyone’s knowledge and make sure that the pacing is correct at the beginning.


Summer Assignment:

To prepare for the First Day Quiz, there is a summer assignment.  Please use the information in this letter to help you prepare. We have much content to cover during the year, including extensive aural skills (ear training).  Therefore, students are expected to do preparatory work prior to the first day of class. Since all of the students enrolled in AP Theory must have significant, ongoing musical experiences, parts of this summer assignment may feel like review for the more experienced musicians. Either way, this summer assignment is critical to a successful start in August. It will also be helpful if you start familiarizing yourself with the piano, listen to lots of music (of varying styles), and do some singing this summer - all musical skills that are required to pass the AP Music Theory Exam.


Below is a link to the summer assignment for you to complete and bring with you on the first day of class.  I will also share this document with you through Google.  This will be your first graded assignment. You may have to work hard to understand this material.  Feel free to use any Music Theory resources, online or otherwise.



Please encourage your students to get started. DO NOT wait until the day before to do the assignment. There is a lot of information to cover– YOU CANNOT ‘CRAM’ FOR AP MUSIC THEORY.  This course requires the building of a deep musical knowledge and significant musical skills, both of which take time.  Feel free to contact me with questions.


After you have read the letter and the details of the Summer Assignment, please complete the Student Information Form on the AP Music Theory website (ap.milfordschools.org) to verify that you have done so. 


Good luck with the assignments and please feel free to contact me (carpenter_t@milfordschools.org ) during the summer if you have questions, concerns, comments or conundrums.  Get ready to be immersed and amazed by the world of music theory! It’s really incredible and I can’t wait for you to see that too!  See you in August!



Mrs. Tracy Carpenter

Mrs. Tracy Carpenter

Choral Director, Milford High School



Student Information Form

Tracy Carpenter,
May 18, 2015, 7:03 AM