AP Modern World History

There is a Summer Assignment for 2019-20.  Please stop by C-24 to pick up a textbook and the Vocab Assignment. 


Advanced Placement World History is a demanding and rigorous course.  The successful AP World History student is able to devote the proper amount of time to reading and learning history and to be prepared on a daily basis.  The reward for this effort is the deep understanding of our world and the impact of history. The diligent AP World History student will also find that other college-level coursework will come easier to them after they have gained the confidence in their ability and skill after a year in this very difficult, but rewarding class.
From AP Central: The breadth of world history has always posed challenges for AP teachers to create opportunities for deep conceptual understanding for students while addressing a syllabus largely driven by sheer scope. The AP World History course outlined in this course and exam description addresses these challenges by providing a clear framework of six chronological periods viewed through the lens of related key concepts and course themes, accompanied by a set of skills that clearly define what it means to think historically. 
The course’s organization around a limited number of key concepts instead of a perceived list of facts, events, and dates makes teaching each historical period more manageable. The three to four key concepts per period define what is most essential to know about each period based upon the most current historical research in world history. This approach enables students to spend less time on factual recall, more time on learning essential concepts, and helps them develop historical thinking skills necessary to explore the broad trends and global processes involved in their study of AP World History. 
To foster a deeper level of learning, the framework distinguishes content that is essential to support the understanding of key concepts from content examples that are not required. 
The themes and key concepts are intended to provide foundational knowledge for future college-level course work in history. Command of these course themes and key concepts requires sufficient knowledge of detailed and specific relevant historical developments and processes — including names, chronology, facts, and events — to exemplify the themes and key concepts. However, the specific historical developments and processes taught in an AP World History course will vary by teacher according to the instructional choices each teacher makes to provide opportunities for student investigation and learning for each key concept and theme.

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